Robert B

This is by far the best hospital that I have ever been in and the people are exceptionally friendly. The staff is very knowledgeable and they are at the top of their game.

Nita F

Since my hip was replaced now I can work in my flower gardens. I am a master gardener and I grow flowers and vegetables. I walk among my various gardens every day.

Daniel T

New knees, new bike! For years I never thought I would be able to ride again, but 4 1/2 months later after my bilateral knee replacements, I was pain free and strong enough to ride again so I went out and bought a motorcycle. It's been amazing.

Robert B

Don't wait eight years like I did.

Penny B

I highly recommend Dr. Ravasio and his staff.

Kay G

Having Dr. Ravasio was the best thing ever!

Daniel T

It's nice getting back to work and working pain free.

Jerry S

I'm enjoying working on the farm again.

Christine F

Don't wait…Do it.

Vince C

I'm able to rototill the garden and get into and drive my Model A again.

Raymond B

I love this joint!

Edmund U

My arthritis pain is gone! I can't wait to do all the things I used to love to do.

John T

It's been nearly a year now since my revision surgery and it is holding up beautifully. I still go to the gym twice a week to keep in shape and golf two days per week. Keep up the good work.